Wario's Candy Buffet is a downloadable game for the Nintendo 3DS system.  It features Wario as he eats gallons and gallons of candy, ranging all the way from Hershey's Kisses to Zero bars.  The game is meant to be a multiplayer game.


Single PlayerEdit

You attempt to eat as much candy as possible within a time limit of 45 seconds.  What bombs will do if eaten depends on the setting.  On one setting, if you eat a bomb you lose 100 points.  On the other if you eat three bombs its game over.  High score is 2,000 points.

There is also a race to get 2,000 points.  Works just like the timed mode.  Best time is 0:40.

Also, there is a survival mode.  Keep playing until you eat three bombs.  High score is 4,000 points.


You attempt to reach 1,000 points before the other player does.  If you eat a bomb, you lose 100 points.  To get rid of the bombs, throw them onto the other player's convoyer belt or off the system totally.  Allows two to six players.


You have three convoyer belts in single player, and just one in multiplayer.  You must toss the bombs off your convoyer belt(s) and attempt to eat as much candy as you can.  Use the stylus to tap the bombs off.  You can also drag candy into Wario's mouth.  Combos can be done as well, keep pulling candy into Wario's mouth without letting a second between the snacks pass by.

In multiplayer, players can be not just Wario, but also Bowser, Roy Koopa, Gourmet Guy, Donkey Kong, and Wart.


  • Hershey's bar - 5 points
  • Hershey's kiss - 10 points
  • Zero bar - 0 points, slowdown in convoyer speed momentarily
  • Skittles bag - 20 points
  • Reese's peanut butter cup - 20 points
  • Payday bar - 15 points, doubles points of candy momentarily
  • M&M's bag - 20 points
  • Hot Tamales - 25 points, increase in convoyer speed momentarily