Here are the rules of this wiki.  Listen to them and obey them.

  • When uploading a picture into this wiki, please know that jpg files are not allowed (jpg files are very annoying in my opinion)
  • Do not spam or vandalize the wiki.
  • Do not abuse your powers.
  • Do not send anyone several different messages in one day, unless you are having a conversation with that person.
  • Do not insult anybody several times and do NOT sass administrators.
  • Do not edit any article unless it's your own or if you're allowed.
  • Do not post mature content.
  • Do not make very short pages, or else they'll be deleted.
  • Do not make sequels/prequels to games unless they belong to you.
  • Do not remake a page after it's deleted unless you're going to make it better or if you talked to an administrator about it.
  • Do not promote anyone unless they deserve the promotion.
  • Do not bring arguments from other wikis into this wiki.  Do not bring an argument from this wiki into another wiki.
  • Do not try to be immature.
  • Do not edit anyone's user-page unless you're putting your name on the person's friend list or if it's your own.
  • Do not upload a photo into the wiki that's already there.
  • Use good grammar and capitalize your sentences when making/editing an article.
  • If you have a suggestion on how to make the wiki better, then go to me or any other administrator.
  • Don't make 2 or more of the same thing.
  • Do not link to ANYTHING but another wiki or an article on this wiki.
  • Do not be a jerk.
  • Do not ask to be an administrator or chat moderator.
  • Do not feed the trolls.
  • If you have a person to complain about, then tell me or any other administrator about him/her and maybe he/she will get banned.
  • Do not make anything pointless.
  • Only use your own photos (unless you're allowed to use a photo that's not yours).
  • Have fun!

NOTE: Administrators must listen to the rules, too.