Wario RPG
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Developer(s) Wario Studios
Publisher(s) Wario Studios
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s)
Japan: December 5, 2015

France: December 9, 2015 America: December 12, 2015


Multi-player (1-4 players allowed)

E 10+
Series Wario RPG

Wario RPG is an RPG game made by Wario Studios


One day, Wario was eating his food when a newspaper showed up at his door.  Wario read it and learned that a pyramid was recently discovered, and they want someone to take all the treasures out of it.  Wario heads towards the pyramid only to discover Fawful was taking over it.  Wario threw a dough-nut at him, even though it did nothing.  Fawful used a laser to blast Wario, and when he was hit, everyone thought he was dead.  He was left there.  Waluigi then came and found out Wario was there.  Waluigi woke Wario up, and they travelled in the pyramid together.


Character Artwork Abilities Description
Wario WarioMP9

Wario Waft


Gem Throw

This greedy fat yellow thief stars as the main protagonist of the game, ready to take down Fawful and steal all the pyramid treasures!
Waluigi WaluigiMP9

Bomb throw

Head Dunk

Waluigi is a tall purple thief that stars as your partner. He uses weapons more than his actual strength a lot of times.